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A visit to seiffen is worthwhile

Seiffen is attractive in all year, but especially during the Christmas season. Seiffen is nestled in a hollow between the Ahornberg, Schwartenberg, Reicheltberg and Friedrichshoehe mountains through which the Seiffenbach flows. Homes with gabled roofs are typical. During the holiday season, the windows of these homes are illuminated by pyramids, angels and miners, and arched candle holders. The local museums, demonstrations workshops and other points of interest provide lasting impressions.

The Erzgebirge Toy Museum has developed into a world-known site for collecting, preserving and researching the culture of the Saxonian Erzgebirge region. The outdoor museum in Seiffen shows buildings that date back to the 18th century. One can gain lasting impressions of the modest existence and hard work that miners, toy makers, weavers and rafters endured by visiting the accurately furnished cottages.
A wheel turner can be observed at the functional water wheel. A historical mine depicting the history of mining in Seiffen is part of the outdoor museum.

The Seiffen church, built in 1779, is world famous. It is modeled after the Church of our Lady in Dresden which was built by George Baehr. His student, Christian Reuther, was the master builder of the Seiffen church.

Hikers can enjoy the well marked trails through the most picturesque scenery of the surrounding area. In the winter, many of these trails are used for cross-country skiing.

Source: Im Kurort Seiffen ist immer Saison, Publisher: Tourist Board of Seiffen

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