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Demonstration Workshop of Erzgebirgische Volkskunst Richard Glaesser GmbH in Seiffen

Our small factory produces primarily hand-crafted Christmas pyramids, nutcrackers, smoking figures, music boxes, arches and ornaments. You will see selected techniques in the demonstration workshop.

First Floor

The basic hand-craft technique in Seiffen is wood-turning and this is the beginning of the tour in our demonstration workshop.
Every factory has its own signature. Typical figures for the Richard Glaesser Company are nativity figures that depict movement. Each of the turned figures parts are cut and drilled on various machines.

Second Floor

Another hand-craft technique is the making of the wood chip trees. Our guests find this technique particularly interesting.
Pyramids hold a special place in the tradition of the Erzgebirge and are firmly established as part of the holidays. You may watch our employees assemble a pyramid.

Third floor

Painting of figures is also a part of Seiffen's hand-craft. The figures are dressed (painted) with a paint brush. Our skillful painters give each figure a fitting face.
We differentiate between painted and stained figures. A good example of this is the nutcracker, where the grain of the wood is the decoration on the jacket and hat.

We hope that this short tour has piqued your interest and we would be happy to see you in our factory.

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Vorhaben: Rückbau eines ehemaligen Fabrikgebäudes mit anschließender Renaturierung im Zeitraum Juni / Juli 2019