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Holzkunst made in Germany
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A little insight into the production of our products

In our manufactory we develop Christmas Pyramids, Nutcracker, Smoker, music boxes, arches and ornaments mainly in handwork. In our production workshop you can see several production techniques very close.


At the beginning, it all starts with the selection of suitable wood. We always ensure that the wood comes only from sustainably managed forests.


After the quality control by our employees, the wood is prepared for further process.


Our modern machineries enable us to manufacture products with the highest precision.


But the main thing is the handwork of our products, which is executed with meticulous attention to the detail and by the skilled hands of our employees. So one part is cutted, drilled and sanded in various processes.


So that at the end a product of the highest quality arises, which you expect from the factory, we pay attention to the compliance of our quality standards after each production step.


Depending on the product between 20 and 200 different single pieces need to be manufactured. By this very time-intensive production the distinctive Richard Glaesser quality is produced.

After the machine process the individual articles are resurrected at our assembly by skillful hands.


Through the years of experience of our staff, the happy faces are painted and the movement of the characters is displayed.

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Vorhaben: Rückbau eines ehemaligen Fabrikgebäudes mit anschließender Renaturierung im Zeitraum Juni / Juli 2019